by Mark Rose





“A MUST HAVE for all small business owners and managers that deal with their own marketing, websites, and social media”

Find Inside The Book....

How To Never Forget Your Passwords!

Easily Spot An Email Scam or Virus!

Make Your Images Look Professional!

Learn How Not To Be Fooled By Marketing Firms!

Building The Best Website For Your Business!

Make Social Media Work For You!

Show Up On Page 1 of Google!

and much more!


“If you are a small business owner or manager who deals with your own website, social media, and marketing, this book is for you!  This book is packed full of tips, advice, and other information to help you utilize technology to grow your business without making expensive mistakes.  I wrote this book because I was dismayed by how many new clients had disappointing experiences with other marketing firms.  Many clients were sold services that were never performed or not needed.  Others were sold services at a high cost that they could have performed themselves in minutes, but because my clients didn’t understand certain Internet/computer technologies, they didn’t know any better.  This book will teach you how to know better.  It will help you make smart decisions and take profitable advantage of all the Internet, websites, and social media networks have to offer.”

- Mark Rose


Mark Rose is the owner/operator of Groupiehead, a website design and marketing firm in Albany, NY.  Mark has been designing websites since the mid-90s and has been working in the marketing field since 1999.  Since then he has helped over a thousand clients with various websites, brochures, videos, logos, social media, and much more.

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